Become part of our dream and help us finance our World Tour events overseas this winter

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We’re Meche and Danieke, a new Dutch beach volleyball. We started our project 1 month ago, and are committed to playing together until at least September 2024.

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To see how far we can get in the World Tour, we made sure to have the optimal conditions available for at least one year, and teamed up with one of the world´s best coaches, Nicolas Zanotta (Uruguay). He has a high performance center on Mallorca, the only one in Spain, focused on preparing (young) professional beach volleyball athletes. He has +25 years of experience and a proven track record. For this reason, we moved to Mallorca. Furthermore, our team exists of a personal trainer, mental coach, physiotherapist, nutritionist, and chiropractor. In November and December we need to play 3 World Tour events overseas and we need your help to get us there! • Thailand, November 16-19 • Australia, November 22-26 • Philippines, November 30 - 3


Why us? We’re competing at the highest level in the world, representing The Netherlands while living in Spain, and without support from the national federation, meaning we have to organise everything ourselves. So we really hope that you can support us on our way, because even though our dream is big, every little bit of your help brings us just one step closer. Thank you very much for your support and let’s go together to get podiums in the sand!

November 15, 2023